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Message from the Board

College Rainha D. Leonor is proud of the work it has done over almost two decades of existence and of the bonds it has forged with thousands of parents and students who, after passing through the school, feel they can't let go, like a child who never truly leaves home.

When parents choose Colégio Rainha D. Leonor, they know that they are choosing a school that, in a short space of time, has become a reference point in an ambitious municipality with a great tradition. It's a school that trains its students in their entirety, teaching beyond the classroom, because the greatest life lessons are often in the actions of those who inspire us to do better.
This is the team spirit we find at CRDL, a school with an ambitious educational project, from pre-school to 12th grade.

The Pedagogical Board,
Raquel Galeão and Sandra Santos          


College Rainha D. Leonor's mission is to provide a quality education service, training young citizens who are autonomous, responsible, creative, critical, collaborative and civic-minded, competent and enterprising. This goal is achievable when the school culture makes it clear that the student is the centre of the teaching and learning process and that they are involved in their own education, having the opportunity to create an emotional bond with the school, as they learn to listen, learn to be heard, learn to work as a team and, above all, because they feel they are a fundamental part of the project, growing with it and through it. The school inspires the student, but the student also inspires it and motivates it to be better.


College Rainha D. Leonor provides the entire school community with various services, with a view to making their activity more comfortable and functional. Escola Digital is a reflection of this, trying to respond to concerns about safety, convenience and functionality. This system, which covers students, teaching staff and non-teaching staff, makes it possible to pay for all services regarding the bar, cafeteria, stationery/reprographics and school transport, using a proximity card. This card also serves as identification for all elements of the school community, also allowing verification of the students' exit authorization, recording all departures and respective times.


College Rainha D. Leonor

Anthem - College Rainha D. Leonor

Looking around us
Let's all see
A new world full of magic
A world to know

In every corner a friend
willing to learn
The magic that exists in each lesson
And the will to win

I want to learn
To be able to reach
A goal in this life
I know I can win

With many friends
That i will be able to do
 College D. Leonor
Will help me to win

With the hope of one day
The world can change
With the will at the end
The goal to achieve

There's magic in every lesson
There is a will to learn
Cause life is like a song
And singing is knowing how to live



The objectives of the Safety Policy are to prevent and deal with accidents of any kind and minimise their consequences, with the aim of preserving people, the environment, material goods and the operation of the system. The Safety Plan is the key to achieving this.
The aim of the school's Safety Plan is to present the structure of the existing human and material resources, define precautionary prevention measures and establish the appropriate procedures for action in the event of an emergency, in order to guarantee the safeguarding of occupants, the defence of assets and the protection of the environment at Colégio Rainha D. Leonor. It is a dynamic document that must ensure its continuous adaptability to the needs of the organisation and is therefore subject to revision, whether periodic or not.
This plan provides the emergency response procedures that must be followed in the event of an accident occurring on the school premises and must be known by all employees.
The Safety Plan also includes the existence of a Safety Logbook in which all significant changes to the school's facilities are recorded, checks on the state of conservation of technical safety installations (fire hydrants, gas installations and equipment, etc.) and the scheduling of training sessions for school staff.
Every school year, school evacuation drills are carried out at least twice. To do this, the school relies on the collaboration of other institutions that look after the safety of citizens, such as the Caldas da Rainha Volunteer Fire Brigade and the Public Security Police.

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